A mobile responsive website has become a norm these days. People are using smartphone to surf internet. And if they find your website pretty terrible the next thing they will do is leave it and look elsewhere.

What are mobile responsive websites?

Simply, a mobile responsive website is a site that analyzes type of device which visitor is using. Either it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer and automatically modifies the layout of your website to conform to size of device that’s being used.

 This is not a rocket science to know that every device’s screen differs from one another in size. A mobile screen is smaller in size as compared to tablet screen, which is again smaller than desktop.

How mobile responsive website help you?

It is nothing but ability to automatic re-arranges the web content including menu bar that perfectly fits to every type of screen (desktop, tablets, mobile devices). The various content pages of your website also re-arrange into a vertical column that becomes an eye-pleasing view. This results in everything accessible to user and influence conversion rates.

While on the other hand, non-mobile responsive websites have no such ability and shrunk all the web contents into a size of ant where it is impossible for user to see and tap it (unless they use a magnifying glass). This results in less visitors to your site and becomes problem unless you make a mobile-friendly website.

What are some of these Responsive Website Builders?

The best choice of responsive website builder on market today is SquareSpace. They allow customers who are not technical gurus build their own professional website with their stunning templates. They are capable to produce some best designed ecommerce websites at very low price. They are meant to create a positive user experience with their responsive websites.


Weebly is the easiest platform to create mobile responsive websites. They keep their user interface simple and easy. Weebly does not have as many tools as SquareSpace have, but it doesn’t limit you to create a functional and good-looking website.


1&1 is an easy to use website builder with great customer support. Almost all of 1&1’s templates are mobile responsive. You need to choose the right template that has mobile responsive functionality.


Launching a mobile responsive ecommerce website is not as tough as you think. Accomplish this with the easiest mobile responsive website builders available in market. Sounds good? It is!